AlphaRatio Official Seedboxes

Seedboxes are now listed on the Donations page, what you can see, is what you can buy.
AR Seedboxes are in Beta and subject to change in the way we manage them via the site, when all Seedboxes are sold in the list, it will trigger a 5 day Global Freeleech Event.
Seedbox's are Available Here

More Information About The Seedboxes Can Be Found Here
A few people now have asked if AR will do Official seedboxes in the same location as AR's main auto server.
1) Small % of each seedbox would be like a mini donation to AR(only if all seedboxes are sold).
2) AR boxes are in the same location as AR's main servers, this puts you in a power seed position.
3) Pre configured ssh/rtorrent/rutorrent/ftp/ftptls/ upload script to AR (maybe).
4) VPS server means you can install other software as you wish (Dedicated IP).
1) Skeletor will be your friend.
2) No Public trackers.