2014.09.01 - JoyHD support IPV6 reduce invite privilege to welcome new students registered

JoyHD support IPV6 reduce invite privilege to welcome the new students registered JoyHD Fa [2014] on the 21st of each management team members,

ordinary members: JoyHD tracker now not only support IPV6, the website also supports IPV6 access for the majority of IPV6 provide a good user experience. Celebrate school, JoyHD now invited down to the civilian authority (User), welcomed the invitation to new students registered.

Novice condition assessment within 30 days, upload more than 5G, download more than 5G, silver is greater than 1000.

JoyHD main features members since the purchase of the original disc, and the brightest god of the original disc DIY, re-encoding high participation repression, iHQ (high quality ipad video) HEVC is also a major attraction.

Members hope to have suppressed conditions enthusiastically join repression team.

Requirements are as follows:

1, there is time to arrange to suppress resources;
2, there are hardware conditions;
3, there is a sense of responsibility;
4, subject to the principle of suppression resources website

I hope you reply to me enthusiastically.