LTTi News : LTTi News Update 04/09/2014

1. Promotion for 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x GB upload credit from 1st August 2014 until 30th September 2014.
Note this : when you donate according below you will get the promotion.
* donate $20USD / RM70 >> 2x Upload Credits.
* donate $30USD / RM100 >> 3x Upload Credits.
* donate $50USD / RM160 >> 4x Upload Credits.
* donate $100USD / RM300 >> 5x Upload Credits.

2. Team V (Team Vendetta) is open for recruitment, if your hobby to capture and sharing and you like to join them please PM our sysop (a7x) for more info.

3. LTTi Online Radio Deejay also is open for recruitment, if you have a talent to show and love been a live deejay radio. Please PM our staff (MasJoko or MuraiBatu) for more info.

4. We have unban a few country that we banned before, if you have an invite and want to invite your friends, family or someone that you know personally please do so.. if you need an invite to invite them, ask them to fill our invite application form :
Ban remove :
* Russia (whole IP Address)
* Turkey (whole IP Address)
* Poland (whole IP Address)
* Portugal (whole IP Address)
* Romania (whole IP Address)
* Bulgaria (whole IP Address)
* Hungary (whole IP Address)

Remain Banned :
* Pakistan (whole IP Address)
* Israel (whole IP Address)
* India (whole IP Address)
* Vietnam (whole IP Address)

5. Our 1st anniversary is coming soon! Vote the poll for your need. If you want to wish something to LTTi please visit the forum to do so.

6. For your information, LTTi also have media social like facebook, twitter and etc. If you want any update or new uploaded torrent you don't have to login to know new things in site. You can follow and like us at our official media social to get an information.
facebook :
twitter :
blog :
google+ :

NOTICE: This is a MASS EMAIL, it has been sent to everyone