Our dear loyal users, today marks seven years since our beloved website serves movies, series, music and applications of the highest quality. We want to thank you first, because without you we would not exist, in fact we are all FileList, so happy birthday to us all! Special thanks and Uploader for the wonderful job they do and last but not least, we thank the moderators and administrators. I came here only because of you, so we invite everyone to enjoy with us.

News / bonuses / events:

- Free signup http://filelist.ro/signup.php - if you know, friends, friends who do not have an account FileList, please give them the link to be able to make account.
- Global freeleech - all uploaded torrents are free, so downloading is not counted!
- Contests - check Section competitions, staff organizes various competitions where you can win GB upload, VIP etc.
- Shop and FLCoins - we introduced a new special and unique coin that you can use on the site. More details about how to obtain FLCoins and you can spend them on the shop.
- Blue Theme - I made a new theme called blue, the one you see now enabled on the site.

If you want to say "Happy Birthday" / an opinion / suggestion etc you can do here: http://filelist.ro/forums.php?action...topicid=102481