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    blikz is scam

    I read his this thread and send him PM for Deal,,, His offer is seedbox (1GB connection 600GB hardisk, 15 active torrent) for one month,

    so i started the deal and he also dealing with me.. there is Full chat

    Quote Originally Posted by blikz
    Quote Originally Posted by beast
    Quote Originally Posted by blikz
    Quote Originally Posted by beast
    i have ****** invite whats your offer?
    For? how many time? and whats the detail hardisk space,Ram. bandwidth limit, how many torrent active? and blah blah blah
    for one month , 600 gb hdd space 1 gbs connection 15 active torrent
    seedbox company name and utorrent client name and how much upload speed?[/QUOTE] i buy from from a staff member i don't know company i upload with 10-20 mb/s[/QUOTE] so how you want deal give me seedbox and after 2weeks i give you invite or use midle man?[/QUOTE] no sorry already trade my box thanks anyway[/QUOTE]

    and you all can see when i said " give me seedbox and i give you invite after 2week or we use midle man then suddenly he said " no sorry i already trade my box thanks anyway"

    if he already traded then why he trying to deal with me and why he not said in his 1st reply he traded seedbox and why he said he traded then i said go 1st or use midle man,, he is trying to scam me....

    Ban his IP as soon as possible

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    Actually he traded with me.
    I think this need be closed.
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