Hi mates ! my dream come true just today, i have an account on WiHD and the good thing is i have invites on it !

Rules are:

- Leave me rep and like/thanks if you think i deserve
- Tell me why you want WiHD (Good reasons, and when i say good reasons are GOOD REASONS, not bullshit )
- May I ask for proofs (Seedbox, Tracker proofs, VPS, etc..)
- HD movies collectors and french users have more chances !

Mates, i'm not the guy who need a lot of proofs to give away invites to good users, but this case is special, because this tracker is not everyday on GA's, so that's the reason why i need a lot of things

Whish the best to every user, the GA will be open for a while until WiHD open their invite system and i find a well deserved winner

Good luck !