This notice is only for Chinese member.
随着HDWTV地发展,录制机器出现富余,为了能提供更多优质的录制资源,我们需要更多人手参 与进来。这次 招募门槛较低,不需要有录制设备。只需满足以前条件:
1. 有时间和耐性完成分配下来的视频剪辑任务。
2. 网络带宽连接性较好,能流畅登录我们的服务器。
3. 具有学习精神,有恒心,切忌三分钟热度。



HDWTV staff recruitment video clip released

This notice is only for Chinese member.
With HDWTV development, recording machines appear surplus, in order to provide more high-quality recording resources, we need more manpower involved. The lower the recruitment threshold, do not have the recording equipment. Just before the conditions are satisfied:
1 have the time and patience to complete the assigned task down video clips.
2 network bandwidth connectivity is good, fluent log on to our server.
3 has a learning spirit, perseverance, avoid three minutes heat.
If you would like to join us, please apply in the recruitment page HDWTV, detailing their own circumstances, we will contact you shortly.

HDWinG Management Group