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    HDCMCT: News

    2014.09.05 - 关于360将本站捐款页面拦截的说明

    近一个星期,通过会员的反馈,和捐款的情况(管理组发现,最近一周捐款数量为0)管理组得知本站捐款页面被 360拦截为恶意假冒网站,具体提示如下:

    由于CMCT之前一直采用支付宝收款主页方式进行捐款收取,5月初,支付宝停止收款主页业务,于是目前管理 组采用的是支付宝接口方式进行捐款处理,捐款的首页与原支付宝捐款主页类似,所以被360误报为钓鱼网站, 目前管理组正在重新构建捐款主页。
    请各位会员放心,捐款首页无任何病毒、木马,不会给您的资金,财产带来安全隐患,请支持我们的广大会员们放 心!


    目前,CMCT资金仍然存在较大压力,多台服务器,年底陆续到期续费,管理组目前正在考虑精简服务器,以缓 解资金不足。





    2014.09.05 - instructions on page 360 will intercept donation site

    Nearly one week, members of feedback through the situation, and contributions (management group found that last week the number of contributions 0)

    Management Group that site donation page is 360 interception for malicious fake sites, specific tips are as follows: Since CMCT been used before Paypal payment page the way donations collected, early May, Paypal stop receiving home business, so the current management group uses Alipay interface manner donations processed donations page similar to the original Paypal donation page, they were 360 false positives for fishing site management team is currently rebuilding the donation page. Please be assured that donations home without any viruses, Trojan horses, do not give your money, property, security risk, please support our members at ease!

    management group has modified the donation page address, the new address is ! The new donation page will be formally launched next week! Currently, CMCT funding remains greater pressure, multiple servers, have expired by the end of renewals, the management group is currently considering streamlining server to alleviate the shortage of funds. Specific Expiration Date: CMCT thank everyone for their support, and I hope you continue to support CMCT! ~ This bulletin please do not rumor, thank you!

    In addition, the track team also needs to be able to provide members of Mandarin track "the record" material
    Mandarin audio track if you have the source, you are welcome to contact us, interested, please PM Gregg Masters (BBQ)
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