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    HD-S: Invite System Opens Up Randomly

    Google Translate:

    From today it will proceed to open the records by invitation at random and always short of time, a few hours during random days. May be several days a week, or one day a month, we reemphasize that of "random", and its maximum period shall never exceed 24 hours, it may be variable (4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours etc). It is important that you have in mind that the guest registration must be within the time that it stays open. To give enterar quickly if the record is open by invitation or not, will enable a small notice that appears on the web (hey, no forum) where registration is operational. Please remember that the responsibility for the acts of the invited person rests with the user who invited him. Do not worry about offenses such as hit & run, inactivity or ratio below the required minimum, these violations have no consequences for all callers, but they have identified a number of buying and selling of accounts and invitations that automatically involve the banning of all accounts. One the most penalties given was that of a user requesting tracker invitations to other users through private messages, and destined for the invitations and collected for sale. Beware therefore, and invite only people you trust. Finally, we make an appeal for you feel encouraged to participate actively in making the tracker rises, mounts, rips, etc. Many of us got off and very few who rise, new entrants are required to keep alive this community for everyone to enjoy. A greeting and thank you for your cooperation.
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