This announcement is to pretty much answer most of the concerns I saw in the referral thread. I will list and address them here individually.

1. You are not going to be punished for the person you refer. We understand that things happen and sometimes people just turn out to be bad members. Don't fret or worry because you will not be held liable for their actions. The only time you might be held responsible is if you have a history of referring terrible members.

2. Cirno is no longer staff so no need to be afraid of the big bad wolf anymore, btw he is a really nice guy.

3. As an act of good faith I went ahead and removed the country ban on Brazil. Brazilian members, please feel free to send your friends referral codes as they will now be able to sign up.

4. Staff members will not add download onto your account because of what your referral does so dont worry.

5. Stoi is the person who will be allocating referrals for the most part. He plans on changing the requirements for the referrals monthly to keep members on their toes. One month they can be ridiculously easy to obtain and the next they might be very difficult to obtain, so please use them when you have them available.

5. At this current point in time we will not allow you to stock up on referrals. This is for a few reasons that I will not go into here but referrals will expire monthly so use them when you have them as you never know what the requirements will be to obtain them the following month.

Hope this answered most of your questions. I will be updating the FAQ sometime this week when I have the time but please remember that stoi, I, and the rest of the staffing team here at BCG do this in our free time and this is in no way our profession.