We are proud to announce ourselves to be the first private torrent site that is freeleech and have no hit and run rules, and we are one of the few trackers out there that do not store torrents (peer or snatch) history.

The combination of the above should result in allot more better torrenting experience and security.

We believe that the rules and regulations used today are not required to achieve good speeds, we do not think that the 'share ratio' and seed time are important as they were important ten years ago, and that is why we started this new system.

We have created a new value, its called a Share index, it is based on time of seeding, and it also depends on size of torrents downloaded, and this is the main value that will be used to gain higher class levels, and have privileges such as being immune to automatic disable due to inactivity, special forum access, totally zeroing your stats, early access to site beta features, and much more.

How exactly is the share index calculated is going to be revealed in a bit of time in the wiki or in the forums, we are now busy with doing code changes.