Ohai, didn’t see you there.

So anyways, a lot of us (staff) have been very busy lately, some of us only being able to login in for a few minutes and then leave abruptly. So if you PM us, send a Staff PM etc etc, we might not respond right away, but we will get to it as soon as possible.

On another note, we’ve added some nice features to the site lately, but we want to hear from you guys what else you want to see, we have a large list of improvements and adjustments to make, but before we go and do all that someone here might have a better idea of something to add. So use this forum thread to make any and all suggestions. There’s a very good possibility that your idea could be the best feature on site. Small or big ideas are all welcome.

That’s about it for a news post, we’ve got somethings we are working on, but since we are all busy it’s going to take us a bit to roll those things out.