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    Freeleech at MusicVids

    Last month we give you some conditions to hit /forums.php?action=viewtopic&topicid=6974&page=1 and we did, so kudos for those of you, who made it happen.

    Now that 50 000 torrents and 100 000 peers mark are behind us we can have some Fun-Fun-Fun.

    To celebrate this during this weekend the site will have a freeleech, but it is only limited to the users who were using the site sort of actively lately. If you see indicator for FL then you are one of them. The other differences compared to previous such period is that some of the restrictions are lifted - now all torrents, including those tagged as Exclusive are freeleech and also warned users CAN download torrents, so you should use the period to improve your stats.

    We hope this measure will stop the party pooper horde, who only use the site during FL, this way the active users will benefit more from it. We believe it's fair that way, but if you somehow feel that you deserve FL, but you didn't receive it feel free to complain in the forums.


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    we hope do that to make a good buffer the last freeleech i come late ,,,,
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