So it's been a rough couple days around here as you all know. Our supreme leader and commander on the sixth of July in the two thousandth and twelfth year of our lord has decided to take a break. We wish him all the best and will keep this place alive and well in his absence. The7egend always promoted having a great community and being involved with community. PiXELHD isn't just about the great movies. It's about the great people too. And so with that in mind I'd like to introduce our newest addition of features that are all based around the idea of making a great community people can get involved in.

1. Thread and Profile Tracking

OK, so this one is only for Power Users and up. At the top of each thread and profile you will see a link. On threads its Who Read This? and on profiles its Who Viewed This? Clicking this link will show you who has recently looked at the thread or profile. It's sortable, colorful and great to see who is looking at what. So keep climbing those class ranks to get this feature.

2. Personal Collages aka My PiXELs

This is for everyone as of now. Now available on your profile is a new box. Expand it and you will see three fields. The first one is the Group ID for a torrent. (I.E. On game of thrones, the ID in the URL is 3051, this is the Group ID). The next field is the title and the following field is the body. Enter whatever you want in these explaining why you love this movie. Check out my profile for an idea of what it does.

3. Profile Comments

This is also for everyone as of now. You can now leave comments on people's profiles. Let them know you love all the movies in their PiXELs or you anything you want. Maybe let the7egend know how much you love him! We have lots of great features coming your way. So stay tuned and let's keep those donations coming in so when the7egend returns we can still be here to greet him!