Hello Mafia,

As TBH is our high quality internal encoding group, we have decided to hold a leeching-permaseeding competition which we hope will not only to increase activity but to ensure the longevity of these great releases.


Each torrent downloaded will count as 1 point multiplied by the interval which you choose (1, 2 or 3).

So calculations are like this:

1 torrent on interval 0 = 1 x 0.5
1 torrent on interval 1 = 1 x 1
1 torrent on interval 2 = 1 x 2
1 torrent on interval 3 = 1 x 3

So basically interval 1 will bring you bonus multiplier of x1 , interval 2 will be x2 and interval 3 will be x3.

User with highest number of points will be winner of course

This is not about just downloading movies to win the comp, it's about ensuring these torrents live for as long as possible for all future members of CN to enjoy. They are some of the finest quality SD encodes on the internet, and aside from that movies encoded by TBH are all great movies too

Remember guys, TBH encodes are all Freeleech and 2x Upload so are a great way to boost your ratio whilst still helping out the site!



1st prize: 1 million of cash + 1 Month Seedbox + 2 invites
2nd prize: 1 million of cash + 1 invite
3rd prize: 750.000 cash + 1 invite,

CN Staff