Oh, yeah! The assessment of the end of it! Oh, no, the European Cup to end! Passion and joy coexist years, and feel no desire desire? No, the passage of time can not take away the enthusiasm of CHDer ring only to leave sharing and contribution of CHDer The dear CHDer, in this special time, the red in August a series of activities in turn open, there will be the magic value of more than 6 million prizes waiting for you! Participate in more such events, the greater the chance of winning, you all ready? Time will continue to August of the red , the specific activities and registration will have been released in recent days, please pay attention to the recent announcement and system notifications, and welcome all CHDer their participation! Shared out in a effort to add luster to the CHD And enjoy more happiness! Come on, my ax is hunger and thirst! ! !

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Thats it for ASSESSMENT! So be it, euro 2012! Feeling lonely or headlessly after the madness and craziness that left nothing behind for you? No, not for of CHD, you'll never be alone! the Expect more surprises besides the passion of sharing that last forever So what's the next? Cool prizes await you in this "Colorful August ! Over SIX MILLIONS BONUS POINT the IS the UP the FOR GRAB! The more you participate, the more you could win, so are you ready? Web will announce The the activities through out the whole "Colourful August in stages so please keep a close eye to announcements and System message Admin Every CHD'er is welcome to join and we are eager to share our craziness and excitement with you! You know you can never be stopped, so why wait!
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