The What.CD staff would like to offer a huge round of thanks to those of you who took part in the submission process for our second design competition. Expecting a smaller turnout for this particular competition, we were surprised and pleased with the effort on display. As with the last competition, we've combed through the submissions and chosen a shortlist of entrants to put up for community voting. The winners and runners-up will be selected from among this group in a separate Staff vote. While the What.CD Staff will decide the winner, we're asking you to provide us with useful information about which designs you're the most interested in.

We feel that every entry on the shortlist lived up to the task we set before the community. If your entry isn't found in the shortlist, don't worry! A number of submissions were truly excellent despite being a bit unsuitable for mugs and/or the particulars of our printing process. Keep in mind that we'll be holding many future design contests, and there will be many opportunities to participate. As always, we direct aspiring artists to The What.CD Design Thread for brainstorming, advice and planning before the next contest takes place.

In order to choose which mug you like the most, please head over to the voting thread. Your vote matters! This vote will close on Tuesday, July 24th at 11:59 PM, What.CD Time (GMT). The winner and runners-up will be announced shortly thereafter. The winner and runners-up will be determined by the staff.