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Dear HD Network Member, Recently server load is too large, and often can not access the site after the deliberations of the Management Group, made ​​a difficult decision, the Chinese high-definition network to stop the service three weeks to conduct a comprehensive siteoptimized completely solve the server load is too large. The repair is successful, we will notice in this forum to urge members to pay attention to the Forum Announcement, the maintenance of the inconvenience to you, and we apologize! Site maintenance stage beAst group and the official release of the group will be moved to HD Forum, HD domain name temporary jump to you for support and understanding of China's high-definition, because you are so wonderful, let us look forward to the new HD network! In the maintenance phase, the Chinese high-definition network resources in the UT and other software will display the red, retained after the end of the site maintenance, all the seeds will be back to normal.


尊敬的中国高清网会员,由于近段时间服务器负载过大,经常会出现无法访问网站,经管理组商议后 ,做出了一个 艰难的决定,中国高清网停止服务3周,对网站进行一次全面优化,彻底解决服务器负载过大的情况 。修复成功后 我们会第一时间在本论坛公告,请各位会员留意论坛最新公告,此次维护给您带来的不便,我们深感 抱歉!
在网站进行大维护的阶段,beAst小组和官方发布小组将移至高清网论坛,中国高清网域名 也将临时跳转到。

在维护阶段,中国高清网资源在UT等软件中会显示红种,请大家保留,网站维护结束后,所有的种 子都会恢复正 常。