I am going to try something over the next few weeks in order to promote IRC activity. Before I go on though, let me make it clear that this does not apply to people idling, you will have to actively participate in IRC. What I would like to try is giving people incentives for participating in other areas of the site other than downloading and uploading. Over the next few weeks I have decided to give out weekly rewards in IRC. The rewards will be given to members who participated the most that week (in the eyes of staff) and will be voted on by staff themselves. The options for rewards will be as follows:

1)Upload or Download credit of 25GB depending on what you want or need

2)Donor benefits so that you gain SP quicker and more torrents at a time gain SP

3)Delete a HnR out of your history (Don't abuse this)

4)Allocate the winner 2 referral codes regardless of userclass

The winners will choose 1 reward and I will then take care of it.

This will be going on for the next few weeks to see how it works out. If it doesnt work at all, I will just scratch it and no harm done. Have to try something though.