Dear BitMe Members,

BitMe and other tracker sites have been experiencing a wave of account hijackings lately. This is of great concern as it adversely impacts the security of the tracker. Additionally, the time-consuming process of identifying hijacked accounts and, in some cases, restoring them to the original owners, is a drain on staff resources. In almost all cases, the problem which permitted the hijacking in the first place was the use of non-unique and/or weak passwords.

Therefore, we STRONGLY suggest that all users change their password to something that is used only for this site, and consists of a minimum of 10 characters, and includes numbers and/or symbols. The reality of today's Internet is that you should follow this policy on every site with which you register. Too many places are being hacked and lists of account names and passwords falling into the hands of unscrupulous hijackers. The days when you could use the same password everywhere, as long as it was reasonably strong, are long gone. Don't allow yourself to become a victim through laziness and disregard for basic security measures.

For those folks who would have trouble keeping track of unique, strong passwords for every site, there is help available. LastPass is a free and very comprehensive password manager which has plug-ins available for the major browsers.

Be warned. If your account is hijacked, and you have not changed your password, then please do not expect to have your account returned. You, and you alone, are responsible for your account security. If you do not take basic security measures, the staff can only consider you a risk to the site, and will not restore your account.

Thank you for your attention.

//BitMe Staff