We will be having an IRC contest from July 21st until September 1st. Winning is pretty easy too. All you have to do is participate in IRC.

Prizes will be as such:

1st Place
Permanent Voice on IRC
3 Months VIP
3 Months of Freeleech
3 months H&R Immunity
1 Month Double Bonus
100,000 BP's
500GB Upload Credit
Anonymous Profile
No Wait Times
20 Invites

2nd Place
Permanent Voice on IRC
1 month VIP
2 weeks Freeleech
3 Months H&R Immunity
1 month Double Bonus
75,000 BP's
375GB Upload Credit
No Wait Times
15 Invites

3rd Place
Permanent Voice on IRC
1 Month VIP
1 week Freeleech
1 Month H&R Immunity
1 month Double Bonus
50,000 BP's
250 GB Upload Credit
No Wait times
10 Invites

Multiple Placings
You will receive additional upload credit and BP's along with an additional 2 weeks for 1st and 2nd place and 1 week for 3rd. And possibly more.

Staff Picked
Early birds
Afternoon shift
Evening chatters

Big Numbers (per)

Basic Rules
Don't act stupid. Do NOT spam or you will be banned from #fuckyeah.

Just use common sense.

The staff picks will be based on what staff observe in the chat and they will choose who they think did the most contributing to good conversations.

Do an excellent job and you might even be rewarded with more goodies!

Please join #contests if you are going to participate. Idling in there might even get you a little treat.

You can also view your rankings @ http://irccontest.fuckyeahtorrents.com/