Dear users! The activity menu development is complete, armed one! So now watch all the rules . of arming with the following rules apply: If you go beyond a will, and if exceeded will be (can not be met by the deadline A minimum requirement for seed) that the rank can be committed for up to hit n run , cause number, then the 20th of the month send a warning on the day in which you will receive notification of the exceeded or is expected to be exceeded h'n'r to, failure to comply. the sanctions are concerned, the deadline (the first day of next month) will be available for immediate download withdrawal two weeks! (So ​​you can not download anything from the site two weeks) This penalty will be replaced with premium subscription! (Details to the lower link) Of course, not required to subscribe to the service, in this case for two weeks after you can re-download from the site. Users who sanctioned benefit, and two weeks after once again be able to download, they better address later to observe whether the seeds of their obligations! who in one year three times receive letöltésmegvonásban the failure to fulfill obligations, Ban will receive! For premium users, who crossed the they are allowed 20 hit'n'run-bootable torrents, applies to Rule! (The staff blatant cases, waive the above-reported data from) The month of July has penalty-free grace period to megszokjátok, and emerging issues in tisztázzátok, as from 1 August will be introduced to the above penalties. Activity menu every month (including August first of as well) were removed will be! Of course, this does not mean that it is not We see how everyone is torrente hit'n'run ed. As of today, the new Support menu also, study, ismerkedjetek the possibilities.