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    TizPir0te's Store | Time To get your Trackers.

    Welcome To my Store!

    Fast Deals-Cheap Prices-Almost All Trackers-Discount for Users Who buy more than 3Trackers.

    i'm Clearing the Stock so your Chance to Buy CHEAP.( Only for Sale )

    Buy More than 5 Trackers and Get A 10Days 100Mbps 230HDD Seedbox

    Here is what i have :

    SeedBOX 100MBPS 230HDD 7euros

    SceneRush 1euro
    FunFile account 1euro
    DanishBits account 15GB + 5 Invites 2euro
    TorrentDay account 75GB buffer + Bonus Points 3euro
    Torrentvault account 1euro
    nCore 30gb buffer account 3euro
    Iptorrents account 500GB +2invites 2euro
    FinvIP account 40GB buffer 2euro
    iPLay account fresh 1euro
    Sceneaccess account 1euro
    animeBytes OLD account 1euro
    Cartonchaos 100GB buffer +1Invite 8euro
    BTN account + many bonus points and 40GB upload 7euro
    thebOX account 50Gb buffer 3euro
    Freshon 1tera +2invites 3euro
    ExtremeBits accoun 15gb buffer 2euro
    SDbits 100gb buffer + 5invites 4euro
    Awesomehd fresh 3euro
    HDbits.ro 15GB buffer 3euro
    HDtorrents 400GB buffer 2euro
    HDspace 280gb buffr + 3invites 3euro
    TTG 3tera +1invite 8euro
    Bithdtv 200GB buffer + 60 invites 5euro
    TehConnection fresh account 2euro
    TehConnection 700GB buffer VIP account +8invites 8euro
    PassthePopcorn 100GB buffer class member 6euro
    CenimaGeddon 50GB buffer 1euro
    BrokeStone account 160GB buffer +4invites 5euro
    Myanonmouse + 13 invites 1euro
    learnbits account 20GB 3euro
    Bitspyder +10invites 5euro
    Bibliotik account fresh 3euro
    fffound account 2euro
    grafolio account 1euro
    Designspiration invite 1euro
    Piccsy invite 1euro
    IfeelRain account 2euro
    JpopSuki 50Gb buffer +2invites 4euro
    MusicEye account 1euro
    Waffles +5invites OLLD 5euro
    TT account 200Bufffer 5euro
    Pianosheets account 2euro
    Tranceroute buffered accont 50GB 4euro
    UnderGroudnGamer account 10GB buffer 1euro
    XboxSky account 1euro

    P.S: All accounts / invites comes with 30 Days Garanty if you get disabled for any reason i'll refund money

    or i can give you another invite/account

    Payments Methods :
    Paypal , Alertpay , MoneyBookers
    Feel free to pm me .
    Last edited by TizPirate; 04-01-2013 at 10:20 AM.

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    You got pm...

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    SAY BYE ALL my TRacker for cheap prices

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    What class is theplace.bz account? Is it a power or extreme user?

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