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    S opens T

    Hello, members of the current, if several conditions are met with an invitation to join a non-T S is possible to join in yourself. (May 28 AM sometime shutdown will), conditions are as follows:

    1. download 20GB or more
    2. ratio is 1.0

    or later join the ID of the current S being used by the ID and the same ID as your account is created. you own If someone already uses ID unyoungjin from T to change the identity of thought and send it by PM, please johoehu IP and account usage, etc. If you do not have a particular problem will change your identity. and my registration in order to login to T You must first set a password. T on the login page. Recover it here! Keulrikhu link, enter your email address if you set a password for the authentication email will be sent certified mail arrived After checking should be set a new password. the non-Gmail account if you are using another e-mail Sign up before applying unyoungjin hasinhu-mail address, please sign up first for a change.

    Tracker Create Account

    Account after the petition is filed within five days if you do not login account is inactive T Tracker is processed.
    Tracker ID is used in T S Tracker ID must be registered with the same.
    E-Mail Address Tracker, the first time in the T is used for authentication at login. Will encourage the use of Gmail.
    Certified mail sent when you signed up on the current page is not the first login password through the Forgot Password must be set.


    I honestly don't know what this is about... sorry. I believe it's to get into

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    Great INFO

    a little complex ToOooOooOo

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    Nice Info

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