4 years ago, Fux0r started off as a humble porn tracker with simple goals. Through time and with the hard work of a wonderful staff and a few thousand awesome members it has flourished into the sexy beast that it is today. Prepare yourself for the awesomeness that is our fourth birthday celebration! We have lots of surprises in store for you!

Below is a small taster of what is currently running and what is to come. Keep checking this news post as it will be updated as we kick off new celebrations throughout the coming weeks as we will be celebrating all month.

Triple IRC Bonus

As a start to the birthday celebrations, we have TRIPLED the IRC idle bonus until the 16th of August .. but it doesn't stop there, we will drop it down to DOUBLE IRC idle bonus for the remainder of the month. Get online while you can and get the GBs.


The lottery has commenced, tickets cost 500MB, you can purchase a maximum of 100 and there will be 40 winners splitting the pot. If anyone remembers our last lottery, those lucky winners got a huge slice of upload to play with. Click the "Lottery" icon in the header to purchase your tickets.

IRC Giveaway

The IRC Giveaway is now in effect. We will be gifting gigabytes to random users in our irc channel. GBs will be given to idlers as well as to those that stand out as exceptional!

Gifts for Everybody

You have a personal gift of invites or gigabytes waiting. Click the gift image to get yours!