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    As the title says, although i would like a minimum of 10 posts
    Ratio Proofs will be needed VIA Pm as i invited numerous people and they do not read rules, messing up ratios, cheating.. if this happens you will be reported and banned on invite forums.

    Awesome-HD X1
    Speed.CD X1
    TheGFT X1

    TorrentLeech is a 48hr wait limit on new users. GFT There ban a few countries so don't lie to me.
    Please no noobs, read the rules if i give you an invite, do not sell/trade it, i am OFFERING these invites for free.
    Also please try and advertise this site to friends we want to see it growing.

    i will announce the winners when i feel there are enough posts in this thread (:
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    Good job m8 keep it up

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    Really Wish For GFT

    GotRatio Proofs And they're sent To Ur PM

    With INFo

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    still have torrentleech invite?? info sent per PM

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    guys pm me now with your requests I'm going on holiday in about 12 hrs, give me your email and proofs if i think your the right person i will give you an invite...

    enjoy ~

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