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IPad resources to add hard subtitles, pre-out station and the station conducted a survey. The vast majority of users choose not to add hard subtitles.Apple comes with the player can not use the plug-in subtitles, a good third-party player to charge, but was iPhone4S and iPad2 NewPad not yet perfect escape, so we are still in the production of hard subtitles movie. IOS 5.1.1 System the faculties Apple products now have the perfect escape, the conditions for the abolition of the hard subtitle has matured.The hard subtitles, there are some can not compensate for the defect, which is mainly reflected in the subtitle quality. While we in the suppression of the film on the subtitles do a few selected, but still can not guarantee perfect subtitles. Moreover, a single subtitle can not meet some special requirements, for example, some people do not like subtitles, some people need the English subtitles or other languages ​​subtitles. The use of third-party software can be perfect to solve the problem of subtitles match, allowing users to have more choices. Apple's third-party playback software it is recommended to use AVPLAYER to use the tutorial. Andrews system third-party playback software recommended the MOBO Player. Need to pay attention to the external subtitle with the movie file name exactly the same file name chs.chi.eng will cause subtitles not recognize.


对于iPad资源是否添加硬字幕,前期在外站及内站均做过调查。绝大部分用户选择了不添加硬字 幕。因苹果自 带播放器无法使用外挂字幕,好的第三方播放器需收费,而且当时iPhone4S与iPad2、 NewPad 尚未完美越狱,所以我们仍然在制作硬字幕影片。现在,IOS 5.1.1系统的各系苹果产品均已完美越狱,取消硬字幕的条件已成熟。硬字幕存在一些不可以弥补的缺陷,这 主要体现在字幕质量上。虽然我们在压制影片时,对字幕做了一些挑选,但 还是不能保证字幕的完美。而且,单一的字幕不能满足有些特殊的要求,比如有些人不喜欢字幕,有 些人需要英文 字幕或其它语种字幕等。使用第三方软件可以完美解决字幕匹配问题,让用户有了更多的选择。苹果的第三方播放 软件,推荐使用AVPLAYER,使用教程。安卓系统第三方播放软件,推荐使用MOBO。需要注意,外挂字 幕必须与影片文件名完全一致,文件名中的chs.chi.eng等都会造成字 幕不能识别。