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    [Have] mang [Want]TS DVDseed NB

    Have :
    HDT old acc with 480G+ buffer,
    HDC CHD HDS TTG acc,but I can not change the email,if you can trust me,I can trade these acc with you.
    Torrent Vault acc with 200G+ upload.
    Also have HDC CHD HDR TTG invites,but their invite systems are closed,if you wish,you could book them.
    HDT invite
    CartoonChaos invite
    TL invite
    HDFrench invite
    Ethor invite
    HDSource invite
    want :
    TS-Tracker Norbits DVDseed invite or acc.
    maybe have others,PM me for what you want and which tracker you can offer.
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    i have bH invite to trade for HDCenter invite. do you want?

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    Pm me unedited screenshots of your accounts with my name and date in search bar ( HDT old acc with 480G+ buffer, Torrent Vault HDC CHD HDR TTG CartoonChaos invite )



    Good Luck.
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