“As always we’re working on more awesome things for you at PiXEL! None of this would be possible without your continued support! If you can help please do so – it only makes the site better! More features, better back-end support/features and getting encodes faster!

Some of the latest updates!

*New Forums
We’ve added a whole new forum set – Digital Movie Players! We’ve evolved a long way from simply just being a PS3 encoding team! Go to the forums to discuss!

*Soft Subs
We’re hard at work perfecting a formula for soft-subs. We’ve had limited success and we’re still trying to perfect it, very shortly expect to see more and more encodes with soft-subs.

*Different Size Encodes
PiXEL currently features 4GB encodes and Mobies standard … we’ve recently discussed releasing 8GB encodes on movies the staff deem appropriate. The two latest have been Hunger Games and Battleship. As always, you can make a request for an 8GB version of any movie in the requests section.
Again – none of this would be possible without YOU, the USER, the COMMUNITY. This site is alive because of you! If you can help and support please do so by saving LiMEY!”