Ok I have seen a lot of nonsense going on here from the last week, I just wanted to tell you that I'm still here so now on whoever disrespect our moderators, uploaders or any members will not be tolerated. As we have better things to do and if you don't like us, just don't come here or tell our staffs to delete your account. We are not joking here.

New Rules About Shoutbox And Uploads

1. Here uploads all comes from different uploaders like all normal way, who solely give there time and effort for us. HS staff or main site owners don't know anything about source or internal or offinternal. Again its always uploaders decision what to upload and where to upload and when it will be off for members. HS staff don't deal with it. So now on talking about source, general-flaming, wanting invite, asking for vip-status or wanting password or talking about internals is not allowed on shoutbox. Shout should be deleted then and there.

You Can Use Our PM System For Personal Conversation

2. Now on some of uploads only for here; you shouldn't get these uploads outside of HS. If we find out, someone who upload or encode these releases.. well then bye bye Kansas.

You Can Always Do After uploaders Decided To Free That Release

3. If uploaders decided to make there upload only for HS Vip members, no members, power users or uploaders can download that. We respect our uploaders decision and we follow that. So if we find out you will be banned then and there, no talk or warning.

So from now you know what to do and what not. I will not tolerate any kind of behavior which is not applicable here. We are a awesome community so keep it like that. We are not going to tell you again..