Since the time of myth, summer has been synonymous with getting out, getting wet, exploring the world, enjoying the sun, looking good, lassoing sharks and imbibing frosty beverages. These days the summer is also for relishing hour after hour in the digital glow of the world’s largest private tracker. It’s no mystery that music is important. We don’t want to let you go, but it’s hard not to notice that your tans aren’t up to snuff. Just in case you’re not absorbing your recommended dose of Vitamin D, here’s a little sunshine from your friendly neighborhood Staff Team. This post is just the beginning of our ramp up to What.CD’s fifth birthday in October, but today we’re enjoying the last vestiges of the season. We have eight announcements, big and small, contained in this news post, and we couldn’t be more excited. Feel free to join us on IRC in the #mysterybox channel or in our announcement thread to celebrate this update.