We think it's time to shake things up a bit with another contest!

How it Works:

• You will receive 3 extra points for each sheet music upload.

• You will receive 1 extra point for each sheet music download.

• You will receive 1 anytime invite for every 20 sheet music uploads contributed.

• There will be a maximum of 3,000 points earned for snatching.

• No points will be awarded until after August 18th.

There is also a prize for the top two uploaders:

• First place gets one 48 hour freeleech.

• Second places gets one 24 hour freeleech.

Please be sure to review the Sheet Music Rules before you begin.

To head off your questions about this rule:

Can I upload Sheet Music that is available for free?

You may only upload Sheet Music that is available for free if it is professionally made. That means that you can upload any sheet music by a professional recording artist, and that has been published. You may not sit down at your PC, type out a few sonatas, call it sheet music and upload it here. We hope you guys enjoy the week of sheet music time!

Begins: Saturday, August 11 13:00 GMT Ends: Saturday, August 18 13:00 GMT