Sorry for the email but this is a bit important.

Most of you know we try and fill all requests quickly and have torrents up pretty fast. Right now we have 3350 users. We have had 14000 in the past. Our site gets rid of inactive users very quickly. The reason for this email is to inform you of some changes. With the current climate in the torrent world we have decided to more or less stay small and be private to protect our community. The way we will do this is limiting the number of users. We have set the maximum members for at 3500. When we reach this level all invites will be removed from all users for a period of time. I would recommend if you have friends and wish them to be a member to invite them now. The maximum number of invited users or members including invited will be set at 4000. What this means is max amount of members will be 3500 then the max of invited members is a total of 4000. We want to keep it a place that all our members feel safe. This is a mass email to all members and is not directed at any individual member.