Hey guys!

Many guys are commiting a fatal error by using the same browser in trackers and trade forums like TiZ. Trackers like What.cd, PTP, DB9 and FTN are utilizing an internet browser exploit to identify people who belong to trade forums and they catch people and then ban them.
So please follow these steps to protect yourself:

Disable CSS Visited Links [Firefox Only]
  • Type "about:config" in the address bar
  • Type "layout.css.visited_links_enabled" in the filter list
  • Change the default value of "True" to "False" by double clicking it
  • Restart Firefox

Disable Browser History [Firefox Only]
  • Tools --> Clear Recent History
  • Tools --> Options --> uncheck "Remember my browsing history"

Use a Different Browser for TiZ
  • e.g. Use Firefox for TiZ and Internet Explorer for Trackers

Temporarily Enable Private Browsing

  • [Firefox 3.5] Tools --> Start Private Browsing
  • [IE 8] Tools --> InPrivate Browsing
  • [Chrome] Press Ctrl+Shift+N (Incognito)
  • [Safari] Safari --> Private Browsing
  • [Opera] Opera button --> Tabs and Windows --> New Private Tab or Right click the new tab icon (+ symbol) --> New Private Tab