Removed them as I was still getting grief off the staff, if users just used their common sense it wouldnt come to this, but I can't win, we open up, I get grief, i give referrals, I get grief. It's “some” members from here not giving a toss who they invite, it's a double edged sword, and this is just a minority, but the staff dont like members getting members in from just anywhere, but we have members who do get members in from just anywhere, so both those sets of members are just as bad as each other, and it's no wonder no trackers want to use our forums as a way to get new members, because we have “some” really crappy members.

I may re-work it later, so some will get 1 or 2 others 10, others up to 50, but I am sick and tired of fighting this crap, so having a rest.

User +2
PU, SPU, Elite +4
Super Elite +14
Uploader +21