We're sending this mass PM as quite a few people seem to think that DTN is a public tracker that they can hit & run at! This is not the case here at all. DTN is a private ratioless based tracker and everyone is expected to seed each torrent that they download for 48 hours or 1.1 ratio. While we are a private site and small your best chance is the 48 hours. You get great speeds here at DTN on pretimes and download speeds, please do not abuse it. If you fail to seed back a torrent you download you will receive a system warning after six days. Receive six warnings and you will be banned from DTN. So again, you are required to seed each torrent for 48 hours total time over a six day period. By seeding each hour you will build up Bonus Points and these can be exchanged for upload credit which will in turn help you to move up a user class. Only DTN Celebrity and Elite VIP are exempt from the seeding rule and they get 100% Freeleech. Why? Because these are the guys that help to support DTN. For further reference please consult the site WIKI.