Hello IPT members,

We are proud to announce that, as of today, we have a new system for Hit and running.

If you have any Hit and Runs, a text will appear next to your bonus points : " X Torrents Require Seeding "

Here is how the system works :

If ratio is lower than 1, the torrent will appear on that list. Once your ratio is higher than 1, the torrent will be removed from the list.

If you downloaded 10% / 20% / etc. of a torrent that you are no longer leeching/seeding and your ratio is lower than 1, the torrent will appear on that list until you have a ratio higher than 1. For example, if you download only 1 movie out of a 100GB pack, you still have to seed that torrent to a 1.0 ratio. You don't have to upload 100GB on that torrent, just give back what you took from it.

If you want to remove a HNR (Hit and Run), you can do that using the "100 bonus points" option from the HNR page.

Important to know about our new system :

1. All torrents from IPT are checked and added to the system.

For example, if you download an OLD torrent and don't have a 1.0 ratio on it, it will be added to your HNR list. Even though there are no active users on that torrent for you to increase your ratio, you can continue seeding that torrent for a few days to get 100 bonus points and remove it from the list.

1.1. Users get 0.5 bonus points / hour. 0.5 * 1 torrent seeded for 24 hours = 12 bonus points / day. If you seed 10 torrents, for 24 hours, you get 100 bonus points / day.

2. Users who donated for a month of FreeLeech status will not see the " X Torrents Require Seeding " page.

3. Donors (VIP status) will not get any warnings from the HNR system, but they will be asked to seed back.

4. The list updates every 30 minutes.

A special Thank you goes out to our VIP members who made this possible by donating and helping us upgrade our servers.

Please leave your feedback in the forums : NEW Hit & Run System