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    PedroT Store [RARE ACCOUNTS)

    Hi everyone. This is my fist thread here.

    I have some good old accounts...and some of them are called quite rare.
    So, here's the list:

    - Buffered TL or Invite;
    - Buffered RevTT;
    - Buffered SCC or Invite;
    - Buffered Waffles or Invite;
    - Buffered FTN or Invite;
    - Buffered FSC;
    - Buffered BitMeTV or Invite;
    - Buffered PTN;
    - Buffered TranceTraffic;
    - Buffered Bit-HDTV or Invite;
    - TopHos;
    - Buffered (70TB) TorrentDay or Invite.
    - Sinderella account;
    - Fux0r VIP account buffered and access to VIP forums where you can get ptp,bitme etc;
    - Bibliotik account;
    - BTN pretty old account and some buffer + points;
    - Templatep2p old account

    I'm selling because I think these accounts are worth something, that it took me forever to get me in...but with the years passing, I got work and less time to keep them active.

    PM me, please, if interested.

    I can get more, just PM me about what you want and I'll do my best.

    My best regards.

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    Thread re-opened.
    proofs recieved
    Together we will change the world of private torrent trackers, just like we did in the past. I'm torrenting since 2010, and I will stop when I die.

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