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    [General] Feedthe.net (FTN)

    . Tracker Name: Feedthe.net

    . Tracker URL: https://feedthe.net/

    . Tracker Genre: General

    . Tracker Type: Ratioless

    . Registration: Invites Only (Invites only given out for Staff and long term trusted members only)

    Were do I start with FTN! Well should all know it by now!!! FTN was given birth to back in April 2006, it seems like along time ago now but yes FTN have been on the scene since then!. FTN is a fantastic Private Tracker with the browse section ranging from Movies/HD all the way to Music, they cater for all genres and have a massive base content that should satisfy just about everyone. The sections have lots of various content ranging from all your needs, you may find you have only one seed with the torrent but with FTN's special uploader force, you can guarantee to hit top download rate speeds every time. The forums are a great place with knowledge there to keep you happy about the site also staff members being extremely helpful, nice and a friendly atmosphere. The staff members do not boast about there position at FTN and if you send one a PM you will get a response very quickly with a straight answer. FTN is now rated as one of the best sites and deserves the ranking of Level 9 with pride!. Need I say anymore about FTN just get on these picks!!!







    User Classes:-

    Categories Information:-


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