Personally, I love the naito theme but do think that sometimes a change is in order. I am not much of a designer so I am looking to the members for some new theme templates that we can use. We have 20k members currently so some of you have to be a designer by trade or be familiar with CSS. I am not sure what the prize will be for this yet as I have just decided to do it but I can promise you that stoi, myself, and the staff team here will come up with something. I will create a forum thread for it either later tonight or tomorrow but I wanted to make this announcement so that people know about it ahead of time.

I want to ask though that only serious entries be submitted. This is something that can change the face of the tracker and I hope it takes off. If not, oh well, as I'm not really the one losing out on anything. If we get a few serious entries maybe we will add all of them as an option and award multiple prizes to the designers. Hope to see some participation and like I said I will create a more current forum thread within the next day or so. Thanks.