muTracker V2.0

Well while we're writing about updates a little too sparsely to consider them all 'news', we've still had plenty of exciting changes we've been working on since our last news post:

Class changes
The long awaited changes to the standard Gazelle class system have been implemented - the requirements have been changed to better suit the ratioless policies of the site, and so the ratio and uploaded (GiB) values have been removed (focusing rather on the number of torrents uploaded to the site, and whether or not they're well seeded). In addition to this, each class can be purchased through the store with the credits earned from seeding. Entitled users can now be promoted to the higher Patrician class too, should they fit the requirements for it.

We have also introduced the secondary Celebrity class, for staffers of other established trackers (if you feel you'd be eligible for the class, or would like to create a thread to offer invites to your site through our invitations forum, let us know through a staff PM, or contact us on IRC). All of the class requirements/perks can be viewed in the User Classes Wiki.

Hit 'n' Runs
To help increase the availability of content and defer 'dead' uploads, a Hit 'n' Run system has been implemented - You are required to seed a torrent for 96 hours within 2 weeks of snatching it, else you attract a HnR (however, the precise amount of hours may be subject to change in the future, should we see a great enough improvement in the amount of well-seeded torrents). If you seed the upload to 96 hours after receiving a HnR, it will go away. When buying a class, your account must not have any HnR's attached to it.

Staff changes
While we are saddened to announce the absence of Neon and Rommel (2 of our longest-serving admins), we'd also like to use this opportunity to formally welcome our newest developer, stacked, who has been spending much of his time fixing the CD log scores (see below), and assisting satiricon in other dev work.

The logchecker has been fixed
Due to a slight issue in the code of our logchecker, many of the early log scores were incorrectly marked as 100% (such that no imperfect log actually existed on the site). The error has since been fixed, as our dev team has downloaded, rescored, and reuploaded the logs from each CD FLAC torrent, that can now be viewed on-site (unfortunately, this means our most popular torrent isn't registered as a perfect FLAC anymore - maybe we could get a perfect upload to trump it?). Many previous '100%' logs are now subject to trumping from better uploads.

New forums
- The previous, defunct forum for memers has been removed in favour of the Power Tripper forum (as briefly mentioned in the thread, the general site rules apply here, with a strict no-funposting policy!)
- For anyone with large collections of content (where uploading all of it may not be feasible), the Offered forum has been created - if you have any ideas you feel could help the forum, please post them within it's suggestion thread
- A forum for Tutorials has been added (at the moment, we have a basic guide on getting set up with torrenting, for any users new to trackers)
- Greasemonkey (and other) scripts and stylesheets can be shared in the recently added Scripts/styles forum

And last (but certainly not least), we'll be having an upload contest!
Any torrent you upload with a “jazz” tag is able to be counted towards your total. The point structure is as follows:

320 / V0 MP3 - 50 points
Regular FLAC - 75 points
Perfect FLAC - 100 points
Perfect Three - 250 points

('Perfect FLAC' here is taken to mean a Web/Vinyl FLAC, or a CD FLAC with a cue and log score of 100%)
Thus, you get more points for uploading all three formats for each release.
You can post your contest submissions in this thread, however, we would appreciate you adhering to a certain layout to make it easier for us to adjudicate (and managing a single post with all your entries, rather than making several redundant posts), though each entry will still be checked:

[torrent link] - [format] - [point value]

For example:
torrents.php?torrentid=3818 - [V0] - 50
torrents.php?torrentid=20763 - [Perfect FLAC] - 100

For perfect three or multiple on one release:
torrents.php?torrentid=1799 - [perfect 3] - 250

For this month's contest, our winners will receive a few very special prizes, courtesy of our new partners, RapidSeedbox! Questions about the partnership? Check this wiki.


A month's free 100M20 seedbox with unlimited traffic, 1Gbps download/200Mbps upload, and 250Gb storage
A pick featured on the front page
Voice in #mutracker for 1 month
10,000 Credits

A month's free 100M20 seedbox with unlimited traffic, 1Gbps download/200Mbps upload, and 250Gb storage
Voice in #mutracker for 2 weeks
6,000 Credits

A month's free 100M15 seedbox with unlimited traffic, 100Mbps download/upload, and 150Gb storage
Voice in #mutracker for 1 week
4,000 Credits

The contest starts now, at 02:00 GMT, 14th September, and ends in exactly 2 weeks, on the 28th

After the contest has finished, the signup process will be closed, and registration will be invite-only.
And finally, we'd like to welcome all our new users to muTracker!