“YouWowMe” is a communication tool, like Skype on the PC and like WhatsApp + Viber on the smartphones. It is much better quality, FREE, and can also BRING YOU REAL MONEY!

We also have a website: www.youwow.me You need to be invited in order to use the program or the website. I can send you an invitation.

Let me tell you something about the program. First, some short description:
1. First Messenger that will earn you money
2. First gamefied messenger (network and earnings count, you have a world map with your network – every people you and your friends invite, you’ll see them there marked on the map etc.)
3. Frist messenger that allows easy chat on PC, easy chat on Smart Phone and Free P2P Calling – all in one app
4. Always reliable message delivery
5. The cheapest rates when making international calls
6. Uses the least bandwith when calling P2P on 3G network

Now I will explain more about international calling and the possibility to WIN MONEY:
You probably know Skype and WhatsApp. YouWowMe will be like theese 2 mixed together, but with a better calling quality – sound and video. It will be FREE from PC to PC or from PC to SMARTPHONE, or from SMARTPHONE to SMARTPHONE if both of the devices are connected on the internet. But if you want to call somebody on his fix phone or mobile, you can do it paying THE CHEEPEST CALL RATES EVER!!!
So, if you want to call for example from Germany to somebody who lives in the USA: You just buy some credit from our website, it goes directly into your YouWowMe wallet, and then you can call. Now here is the charge: 0,5 US $ cents / minute – this means 5 cents / 10 minutes of international calling.
Also to countries from Asia, Africa or Europe we have this amazing cheap call rates: To Germany 2,4 cents / miunte, to Italy 2,9 cents /minute etc.

Now, about the earnings. For example, if you put 10 $ in your account and make calls of them, and use all the money. At the end of the day, you’ll get back 10% !!! It means you get 1 $ back in form of 100 Wow coins. Then you can use this coins again, or withdraw your money on a credit card or PayPal. Also, if I invite you, I EARN 50 cents (5%) from what you call. Also if you invite a lot of people, you will win from them too.
If you invite somebody, and he spends for example 10 dollars calling, this is how it will work: HE EARNS BACK 1$, YOU EARN 0,5$ , I EARN 0,25 $ and THE PERSON WHO INVITED ME EARNS 0,125 $ .

So this is what you have to do:
After I invite you, createthe account, download the app on your PC and smartphone and then:

Invite your friends to join YouWowMe and ask them do to the same with their friends. Everybody they invite will grow your network too. FOR 8 LEVELS DEEP!!!
If you invite 10, and they invite 10, and they invite 10… for 8 levels, you get millions in your network!


Your friends, or the ones they invite, open an account using the invitation you’ve sent them and start making paid actions on YouWowMe: phone calls, watch movies, on-line shopping later, wathcing adds later…


You get rewarded for every penny that PEOPLE IN YOUR NETWORK spend on YouWow FOR LIFE! So the more people you invite, the bigger the rewards are.
The owner is a good friend of mine, who is a millionaire. He spent 15.000.000 $ on this, so it will be amazing good.

I also attach you the FAQs on our website.

• 1. What is the purpose of YouWowMe?
The purpose of YouWowMe is to generate EARNINGS for the user.
• 2. What are EARNINGS?
In YouWowMe the rewards you earn are called Wows. The Wows earned to date are displayed in EARNINGS. Wows can be converted to any currency of your choice and transferred out of YouWoow or spent in YouWowMe. The choice is yours.
• 3. What is the conversion rate for Wows?
100 Wows = $1. Wows have a fixed rate to the US Dollar. They can however be converted to a currency of your choice at up to date competitive exchange rates.
• 4. How and when can I convert Wows?
Conversions of Wows are possible starting at 100 Wows.Different type of conversions or transfers require different minimum amount of Wows.
• 5. How can I earn Wows?
You can earn Wows currently by making paid calls on YouWowMe. For every paid call you make, you will earn attractive cash back.
• 6. How can others earn Wows for me?
Others can earn Wows for you by engaging in any revenue generating activity on YouWowMe.
• 7. How can I earn more Wows?
The bigger your network the more earnings potential you have. As your network grows bigger more and more users will start making paid calls. When they do you will start earning woow’s for yourself. You also earn Wows when making paid phone calls yourself after you hang up each call. The best way to increase your potential earnings is to invite more friends. The more friends you invite, the larger your network and the more earnings you will potentially generate.
• 8. How much money can I make?
This is entirely up to you and the size of your network. We cannot predict how much money you will make in the system.
• 9. Can I earn Wows on multiple levels?
Yes you will earn Wows not only on the friends you invite, but also on their friends and their friends and so on. This is not unlimited but the depth will surprise you. Once you spend enough time you will find out how many levels you receive.
• 10. Can I invite myself or have multiple accounts?
NO! We do not allow self-invitation and every user may only have one account. Users with multiple accounts or users that invite themselves will wave all rights to earn Wows. Only one account per user is allowed in order to earn Wows.
• 11. What is the main advantage of YouWowMe?
YouWowMe pays the user for spending time with its free services. It is free to join and does not cost anything. A user can earn rewards without ever spending any money. It is safe and easy to use.
• 12. What are other advantages of YouWowMe?
YouWowMe uniquely offers rewards to all users and it also offers a communications platform not only targeted at mainly computers or mobile phones but for proper communication with multiple devices using both PC and Mobile phone. We strive to offer the easiest, most reliable and least expensive communications solution on your PC and mobile phone. Our paid calling rates are wholesale rates, check for yourself.
• 13. Are you an internet pyramid scheme?
We are glad you asked this question. For the record we are not and here is why. Firstly our system is free to join but by invite only. Secondly there is no compulsion or obligation to purchase any product on YouWoow. In fact you can use YouWowMe absolutely free forever! The same rules that apply to you apply to your friends also. So in YouWowMe, everybody wins!

PM me with your email to receive your invitation!