I am not alone in thinking we have a great tracker and community here that I wish to see grow even more in the future; however, in order for the site to remain up and operation we need to move to a VPS very, very soon. The current server we are on we can only remain on for no longer than another week at most.

Thus I am asking all member who also love this site and wish it to stay up and tracking, and having great uploads being uploaded daily once again, to please donate what you can! If even 1/3 of our member base just donated 5$ that would help get us a new VPS and pay for it for a year!

You knwo I hate 'begging' for donations but it is really important that we are able to move onto our own server very soon, and I believe that most of you wish the same thing, so once again, PLEASE if you can donate even just 5$ do so now! Thank you!