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    Have Many account / Invite to Give Away

    i have following Account / invites to GA

    1-Bitsoup 4X Invites
    2-Hd-Torrent 2 X Invites
    3-Danish Bits 1X Invite
    4-Myxz 10X Invite
    5-Bitspyder 5X Invite
    6-Docepedia 1X Account
    7-Hotvibes 1X Invite
    8-jpopsuki 1X Invite
    9-IloveClassic 1X Invite
    10-Ptfiles 3X Invite
    11-demonoid 1X Account
    12-BCG 1X Account
    13-diablotorrnt 1X Invite
    14-Brokenstone 3X Invites
    15-Waffles 3X Invites
    16-Secret Cine 2X Invites
    17-ethor 2X Invites
    18-myspleen 9X Invites
    19-Panda 2X Invites
    20-eliteunitedcrew 1X Invites

    Apply Here dont PM
    1-Add Like / Thanks
    2-Add feedback after received of invite
    3-provide proof if ask

    hope like this my Best GA Ever

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    Jan 2014
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    Great Giveaway DragoX!!!
    I apply for Bitsoup!!
    Like + Rep

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    Aug 2014
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