It appears that one of our uploaders are having major hard drive issues at the moment, although the torrent files are still being created.

If you see a file that you want, AND it is less than 2GB in size, please PM me, and I will try to add it to my own seedbox so you can download the file from me instead. I might be able to do higher file sizes, but you won't know unless you request one directly from me!

Please try to, in the meantime, hang on. We're doing everything we can to bring FuckYeahTorrents back to its amazing, previous stature.

Thanks for staying with us! We love you! (If you'd like to return our love, use the forums, join us on IRC, and donate if you can.)

~NintendoToad and the rest of the FuckYeahTorrents staff

P.S. In case it wasn't clear, the file has to be on this site, a scene release, and without seeds. This offer is meant to take load off of the uploaders that are having a hard time seeding every torrent, and no other purpose. I've had some somewhat-old files be requested, which I do not have the time to look for.