Our First Halloween Special

Keep on moving, as you will never hide.
As you know, we're already inside!
Don't look back, run run run.
We're what you need, when there is no sun!

Have a look, and get a taste.
Just be warned, you'll never leave this place!
Do not fear, when you reap this delight.
With just one bite, you could be Platinum for life!

5 First Prizes: Lifetime Platinum Accounts
10 Second Prizes: 1yr Platinum Accounts
15 Third Prizes: 6mth Platinum Accounts

Donate $20 and get:

- 2TB Upload Credit
- 2mth VIP Status
- 1 Lotto Entry*
- 3 Invites

- A Donor Icon
- A Custom Title
- No Wait Times
- No Daily Promos
- Immune to Suspension
- Access to Platinum Club
- Upload Your Own Torrents

- and more

Winners Announced: Nov 3rd