It is now XWT's 9 YEAR Anniversary! Some new members may not have realised what the strange countdown announcements meant, but some older members may of had an idea.

As you can (hopefully) see, we have re-designed the entire site. After a few years of having very dark themes, we decided to go for a lighter theme overall. We hope you enjoy it, and if any images do not show correctly, please refresh the page a few times.

As i say every single year, XWT would not be online without the support of all of you! And it has continued to grow this year, especially when our built in forums were re-added six months ago.

We are also having a special donation competition. Not only will you receive double upload credit, but you will be entered into a raffle. All winners will be chosen at random and will receive 1 YEAR Free Leech on ALL Torrents. And because it is our 9 year anniversary, there will be 9 winners!

A special thanks as always goes to Robi for our new site graphics.

This is a birthday after all, so enjoy the presents. <3


- Full Re-Design Of Our Tracker (Clear Cache & Refresh If It Doesn't Show)
- XWT-Classics 7 Year Anniversary (Check There For Details)
- 7 Day Free Leech On ALL Torrents (Ends October 7th)
- 5 GiG Upload Credit For EVERYONE
- 2 Day Double Upload On ALL Torrents (Upload 100meg and you receive 200meg and so on)
- Free Leech For A YEAR Raffle - Make Any Donation To Be Automatically Entered (9 Winners!) (Ends October 7th)
- 7 Day Double Upload Credit When Making A Donation
- 1 Invite Has Been Given To ALL Members
- Total Divas Category (SD/HD) Added
- TNA Epics Categories Have Been Removed (And replaced by Total Divas)