Hi Raiders,

It is alas with a heavy heart that we have been forced to switch the Hit & Run System back on!
Why have we done this you ask?
Well far too many people are not seeding back at all and have their clients set to stop seeding or shut-down as soon as the torrent completes.
When we made the decision to switch off the Hit & Run System we were counting on the spirit of BitTorrent prevailing within our members and that they would share and care.
However, we're very sad to say that this experiment has been a total failure hence the return of the Hit & Run System.

WIKI has been updated to reflect the Hit & Run System being switched on:

Hit & Run System is effective immediately and now it is time to weed these kind of users out as we do not want them here at RTN...

VIP's (RTN Celebrity) are of course exempt and this does not apply to them.

// SysOp