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A Traveler's Guide to the Planets (2010):

It’s the ultimate in adventure travel, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Today’s super space traveler must endure drastic climates that shift from 840 degrees in the sun to minus 275 degrees in the shade, crushing gravity, acid smog, and blistering radiation. But the sights — from Jupiter’s churning red eye to Saturn’s glittering rings — are out of this world. Blast-off with A Traveler’s Guide To The Planets, National Geographic Channel’s ultimate travel guide to the Solar System. Learn what to pack, which planet has the best sights, and where to park the rover.

Then, travel with NASA experts to extreme environments on our own planet like Chile’s Atacama Desert or Hawaii’s volcanoes that are providing scientists with valuable insights into what a trip to one of our planetary neighbors might be like. And see the next generation of space probes as they are prepared for upcoming missions that may bring the dream of interplanetary travel even closer than ever.

The Men Who Made Us Spend (2014):

Why do we buy what we buy? Jacques Peretti investigates consumerism and the people who try and shape the public's appetites.

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