Hello Everyone.



After long discussion and checking almost all possibilities we decided to bring a dedicated Invitation IRC Channel
- #TorrentShack-invite. Yep we heard you, as we always do, please take this as a gift from TSH family during various festivals around the world - Halloween, Diwali...
In order to get invitation a user will be interviewed by selected member's team, on successful interview a user will be awarded with an Invitation to TSH family.
So buddies pass the word among your friends and the family and line them for long awaited invitation.


It's almost end of month now and still we have reached only 41% of our goal, as you buddies know we only collect what's needed for TSH to run.
So every capable member is requested to contribute, so that TSH will run without any interruption.


Orochi has been very useful to TSH family in many ways, finally he is promoted to a Moderator, our Best of Wishes with him and expect he will keep on doing the good work.


/TSH Staff